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"I get a call from my insurance company saying they sent an home inspector, and told them that i needed to cut back the trees from my roof. Find out that he went to the wrong house! Then they sent out Tallgrass to inspect my roof. Mr Butler called me, made sure he was at the right house. He knew about the mistake from the last guy. His pictures proved there was no overhanging branches. My insurance got to keep me as a client, but I found a great home inspector." 

Melanie had this to say

"My husband Jim and I have purchased several homes in the past and we are appreciative of Mr. Butler's knowledge, explanations, thoroughness, directions of how to correct things. His abilities are way above average. We would definitely recommend him and use him again if necessary." 

Jim & Sue said

Sam told us

"Definitely worth the Price". 

"Steelerfan21" sent this

"My husband had received PCS orders to his new duty station so we had to sell our house. The couple who were buying our home hired Tallgrass to do the home inspection. While checking for radon he showed me our radon system which I knew we had one in the house, but never knew where it was. He then explained the dangers of radon gas, the dangers of lung cancer, and what were the average levels of the area that we were going! He even gave us a Scouting sheet to help us help us to looking for our next house. He also gave of a website of where to find certified home inspectors at our next location. All that and we weren't the ones to hire him. If he did all that for us, I'm sure the people who bought our house were very happy they hired him."

"I have never seen a more thorough home inspection in my life. Pat was so thorough and explained everything so easily, there ain't nothing about this house that I don't know."

Howard said

"OUTSTANDING HOME INSPECTION. Mr. Butler was exceptionally professional, friendly, and competent".

Jason & Lyn told us.